Matty’s Back

Today, Matt Cain will take the mound for the first time since February 27th. He is scheduled to pitch two innings, according to Carl Steward.

What does this mean for the Giants? Well, first of all, this may ease the fears of many Giants fans everywhere panicking about the health of their favorite third starter at best.

The paranoia that came with the news frightened all. Hearing that Cain was injured was something that no one wanted to hear. Cain is one of the integral pitchers in the rotation. To hear that he wasn’t well enough to pitch? Cue the freak out. And I’m not talking about Tim Lincecum.

With today’s two inning outing, many can just hope that Cain won’t suffer any setbacks or pitch horrendously. But, as it is spring training, he can afford to pitch terribly, as long as it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with his health.

Let the panicking reduce.

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