Giants Drop Another Game. And Yet…Panic!

It’s starting to feel like the Giants don’t have it in them.

Well, cheer up, fans: it’s only the FIFTH game of the year! You read that right, folks. Five games — count ’em, FIVE! Count to that and you can get yourself a foot-long sub at Subway!

The Giants still have one hundred and fifty seven games left. 1-5-7, which would also be quite an outrageous play to happen on the field, I must say. But the point is, it’s not panic time yet. So, yeah, the Giants may have lost another game. Yeah, the Giants may have lost one to those pesky Padres. It’s still a long season. There’s still a lot of baseball left to be played.

Of course, the losses to the Dodgers and the one loss to the Padres hurts as a fan. If you root for the Giants, you really don’t want to see them lose to any Southern Californian team. I know, you’d rather not see them lose at all, but that might be stretching it a bit. But the fact of the matter is this: losing happens. It can even happen to teams that just won the World Series. But teams can also go on winning streaks.

In order for the Giants to start a winning streak, they need to remember how to field and how to hit. And they would need to do that on a consistent basis. That would be key.

But it is still too early to tell whether or not they have a lineup that can have a sustainable offense and defense. Say it with me now:


With the miniscule amount of at-bats each player has had, it’s not enough to determine who should be sent down and who should be benched. Baseball shouldn’t work that way. You certainly cannot judge a player by 17 at-bats. Need I remind you how Buster Posey’s 17 at-bats during his September ’09 call-up were judged?

Get the stellar defense back and the Giants can try to be on their merry way and go about defending their title.

In the end, however, small sample sizes cannot be judged. Everyone can stop panicking now.


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