Bringing It Home

The World Champion Giants are going home today.

The World Series banner is being raised before today’s game — a wonderful reminder of how fantastic the season ended last year.

They receive their rings tomorrow night. Rookie of the Year Buster Posey is being hailed on Sunday.

It all still seems surreal, doesn’t it? Just hearing those words: “Your World Champion San Francisco Giants!”

When in the world did that happen? (“November 1st, 2010!” history says.)

And little ol’ Buster Posey is Rookie of the Year. You just knew that he would earn that title when he was called up for good, but when it was announced that he was the ROY, it added to the surreality of the month.

The banner
The rings
The ceremonies

Win or lose this weekend (though hopefully, the Giants finish the series with a win or two — or even three!), sit back and enjoy the festivities. Who knows when San Francisco will get this chance again?


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