Post-game Recap: Ryan Vogelsong, Aaron Rowand Lead Giants To Win

Ryan Vogelsong. What a story.

Drafted by the Giants in 1998, traded in 2001 as part of the Jason Schmidt deal, pitches for the Pirates, suffers some setbacks, gets back into the game, pitches in Japan, bounces around from team to team again, returns to the Giants.

And now, in 2011, he makes his first start in a Giants uniform. 5.2 innings pitched, 2 earned runs, 2 walks, 8 strikeouts.

Call him the comeback kid, call him the prodigal son, whatever. He pitched well today and — as much as I am 100% against pitcher wins and losses as a statistic — he deserved the win today.

Now, Aaron Rowand on the other hand.

When in the world did he become an offensive and base stealing man?

And he didn’t steal just any base — he stole HOME.


I mean, sure. It was with the help of the Pirates defense, but it’s Aaron Rowand. You don’t expect that from Aaron Rowand.

A good win for the Giants today, Rowand tomfoolery aside. Now, on to Washington where they face the Nationals in a three game series.

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