Post-game Recap: The Giants Shutout by Who?

After yet another “masterful” pitching performance by a journeyman pitcher against the Giants, Jason Marquis and the Washington Nationals shutout Tim Lincecum and the Giants by a score of 3-0.

Aaron Rowand is somehow continuing his surprising (and welcome) offensive renaissance, going 2 for 4 today. Unfortunately, the heart of the order went 0-fer.

Collectively the team is something like 3 for a zillion (actually 3 for 18) with RISP since the home opener on April 8. I’m not sure which is worse – only getting 3 hits with RISP over the last three weeks, or only having 18 such opportunities.

Cody Ross went back to the high socks today, and managed to get a hard hit in the 3rd inning (I credit the socks), only to erase himself from the basepaths while ill-advisedly trying to stretch a single into a double. It just wasn’t Ross’s night – in addition to the baserunning gaffe, he collided with Rowand in the second inning when both of them ran under a Wilson Ramos fly ball to right center. The ball dropped into Rowand’s glove, only to be knocked out by Ross in the collision (I guess that’s what happens when you have two centerfielders out there). Laynce Nix promptly followed up with a home run. What should have been a solo HR put 2 runs on the board for Washington. Ross also GIDP to end the top half of the 5th inning.

On the plus side, Miguel Tejada got himself a hit (even if it was by beating out a bunt), and had a couple of hard hit balls that found Nationals’ gloves. At least he wasn’t grounding out weakly. But he also was responsible for a steal in the bottom of the 5th, when a slow swipe tag on a throw from Posey resulted in Ian Desmond being called safe nabbing second. Desmond ended up coming home two batters later (on a chopping hack hit by Marquis), giving Washington its third run.

I’ll admit that I was not disappointed when my CSNBA feed cut out with “technical difficulties” during Aubrey Huff’s last AB of the 9th inning. I was spared another strike out by Huff and a pop-up by Posey to end the game.

In the end, Marquis pitched a complete game shut-out with just 88 pitches. No Giant managed to work a walk all game.

Lincecum takes the loss, but aside from a few pitches he left hanging over the plate, pitched well, going 7 innings with 7 Ks and 0 BBs on 111 pitches. His velocity was good, hitting 96 MPH at times. A lack of offense and a couple of defensive miscues tags him with the loss.

Better defense and even a bit offense, and the Giants could be even on this road trip.

Way to harsh my debut recap buzz, Giants.


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