Post-game Recap: Giants Win Game You Don’t Expect Them To Win

After seeing Miguel Tejada and Mike Fontenot hitting second and third in the lineup, respectively, you figured they were just going to lose.

After Dan Runzler gave up the tying run, you knew they were just going to lose it.

After having two runners in scoring position in the 9th, then having the bases loaded after an intentional walk to Fontenot (What?! Fontenot?!), but only to see the inning end one pitch later? Done. Game over. Giants lose.

Then, Aubrey Huff came through in the 10th. A home run, you say? Wait, this season’s Aubrey Huff? Surely, you’re kidding.

Brian Wilson in the bottom of the 10th. Strike out, fly out … oh. Yet another base hit for Jose Reyes.

/cue the trade rumors

But the bearded one closed the game out, striking out Daniel Murphy for the last out.

This game was clownshoes, everyone knows it. How the Giants walk away with a win here, I can’t even begin to understand it.


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