Post-game Recap: It’s Friday, Friday (the 13th)

It’s Friday the 13th. What could go wrong? I’m sure that the five vultures circling overhead above my neighborhood could not possibly be a bad omen.

Oh, wait. Turns out those pesky carrion eaters were, indeed, a portent of things to come. The Giants lost today to the Cubs 11-4. Yes, those Cubs. Ryan Dempster, he of the 6.71 ERA (which was actually lowered by today’s game), beat the Giants. Easily. Even striking out 11 along the way. And Madison Bumgarner remains winless, tagged with 6 losses on the season.

Miguel Tejada’s at-bats continue to look like something I see at my 5 year old’s t-ball games, minus the bunny-hopping between bases. The Giants together struck out 14 times, matching their season high. The only Giant to draw a walk was Bumgarner.

The Giants’ bullpen ended its streak of 22 scoreless innings, allowing 8 runs over the last two innings. Best to get it all out at once, I guess.

All this suckitude overshadowed Andres Torres’ 3 hits on the day and Cody Ross’ homerun in the 8th.

I guess this game can be summed up nicely by this single by Reed Johnson in the 8th inning.

What else is there to say when the best part of a game is Mike Krukow leading the crowd in a slightly off-key rendition of Take Me Out to the Ballgame, prudently leaving “the Cubbies” out of who we’ll “root, root, root” for? Nothing.


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