Post-game Recap: WHEEEEEEEEEE!

The Giants won 3-0 in a rain shortened game.

It wasn’t pretty, though not completely ugly either. Miguel Tejada with two errors, the Cubs with three errors themselves. Miguel Tejada. If the Giants hadn’t won this game, without a doubt, there would be a lot of ranting and cursing directed towards his defense. And maybe his offense, too. Throw in a bull[bleep] called third strike to Aaron Rowand and a blown call at second leading to the inning being extended, you’d know it’s not really one to watch the highlights for. Okay, so maybe it was a reasonable amount of ugly.

The weather, on the other hand, that was ugly. The rain wouldn’t stop pouring and the wind wouldn’t stop … blowing things away. Not exactly the most ideal conditions to play a ballgame in. Mercifully, it was called in the top of the 7th, giving the Giants the win.

Jon Miller, Dave Flemming, Duane Kuiper, and Mike Krukow delighted with some rain delay entertainment, which could arguably be the highlight of the game. That’s saying something even despite a win.

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