Post-game Recap: The bullpen gives away another

At first I was all “Yay!” and then I was all “Oh no!” and then I was all  “Yay!” and then I was all “Boo,” and then I was all “Uh-oh,” and then I was all “Of course,” and then I was all “Dagnabbit.”

It was that kind of game.

Jonathan Sanchez pitched a mostly fine game against the Colorado Rockies (no walks!), only to see the game given away to the Rockies by the Giants bullpen in the bottom of the 8th.

The Giants scored first in the top of the 2nd inning when Miguel Tejada poked a single up the right side of the infield while swinging at ball 2, scoring Aubrey Huff from second. I really like to watch Huff run hard. It’s definitely not something that comes naturally to him. (“Yay!”)

But Troy Tulowitski evened the scored in the bottom of the inning, leading off with a solo homerun. (“Oh no!”)

The Giants looked like an actual team in the 3rd inning, with Pat Burrell getting a nice hit to score Buster Posey and Mike Fontenot. (“Yay!”)

Sanchez came in to pitch in the 8th inning. Normally  this would seem like a bad thing, but he’d looked good over the course of the game. But he wasn’t good. He gave up two hits with no outs, bringing Alfredo Amezaga to the plate as a pinch hitter. Amezaga bunted, and when Sanchez fielded the ball he launched it past Fontenot fielding at first, allowing one run to score. (“Boo”) So Bruce Bochy brought in Javier Lopez, who gave up a ground rule double to Dexter Fowler to score the tying run. (“Uh-oh”) With runners on second and third, Carlos Gonzalez singled, bringing two more runs in to make it 5-3. (“Of course”)

Huston Street came in to pitch the top of the 9th for the Rockies, striking out Mark DeRosa to keep him 0-fer since his return from the DL. Cody Ross’ single turned into a double play at the bat of Andres Torres to end the game, giving the Giants the loss. (“Dagnabbit”)

Of note, Jonathan Sanchez’ third double of the year (in the 7th) is one more than Buster Posey has this season.



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