Huff To 3B?

Several folks in the comments section and elsewhere have proposed moving Aubrey Huff to third base, at least until Pablo Sandoval is ready to return in a month or so. I’ve made a few inquiries, and yes, the Giants have discussed this possibility also. They didn’t pursue it earlier — mostly because I think they know Huff wouldn’t be a pretty sight at third base, where he hasn’t played since 2008.

But those at-bats in the lower third of the order aren’t looking pretty, either. In fact, they’re getting uglier by the day. The Giants have scored the fewest runs in the NL.

No surprise: As I understand it, the Huff-to-third proposition is being revisited.

(Extra Baggs)

Say it with me now: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The left side of the infield is weak as it is with Miguel Tejada playing shortstop. Put Huff there and all the routine plays hit to that side will end up being base hits. That’s an exaggeration–maybe–but it’s not going to be a pretty sight.

The options for third base and shortstop are thin in the organization. Mark DeRosa? I hear that tendon going “flop flop flop.” Mike Fontenot? Honestly, does anyone see him as a starter? Miguel Tejada–that’s just hard to type down without wanting to just keyboard smash.

Down in the farm system–namely AAA Fresno, you’ve got Ryan Rohlinger and Conor Gillaspie. Rohlinger’s been up in the majors before, but it’s been a small sample size. Conor Gillaspie, also having SSS major league stats, can play third base. But, he is broken.

There are no options as low as AAA. Left infield AA Richmond options? Nick Noonan, Sharlon Schoop, Jose Flores. Yeah, I thought that, too.

Go on, curse the baseball powers that be for thin 3B/SS depth. You now get to deal with Huff to third base rumors.

We’re crying on the inside, too.


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