O Romo, Romo, Wherefore Art Thou, Romo?

One batter faced.

That’s all Sergio Romo did on the mound last night: face one batter. Didn’t get an out, but gave up a hit. Once that happened, Bruce Bochy took him out of the game.

One. batter. faced.

What’s this man got to do to get some innings?

Better yet, what does Romo have to do to get into a game?

In the month of May, he has only made appearances in five games, for a total of one inning, and only facing six batters.

Being one of the better relievers in the bullpen, you have to wonder why he’s making sparse appearances.

Keep in mind this is relatively a small sample size (10.1 IP): Romo has a ERA/FIP/xFIP of 1.74/1.37/0.89 and has a WHIP of 0.68. K/9 and BB/9 is at 13.94 and 0.87, respectively.

Let’s compare this to fellow righty Guillermo Mota. In 22.1 IP, Mota has a ERA/FIP/xFIP of 2.42/2.83/2.69 and a WHP of 1.03. K/9 is at 8.06 and BB/9 is 1.61.

If you really want to see something, here’s Jeremy Affeldt’s numbers in 15.1 IP: ERA/FIP/xFIP of  5.28/5.07/4.12 with a WHIP of 1.63. K/9 is at 7.63 and BB/9 is at 5.28.


Yet, Affeldt has made more appearances than Romo (21 to 17) and has pitched five more innings than Romo. Where’s the sense in this?

That’s right: there is no sense. I can throw numbers out there until I make my brain explode — and I very nearly did that by looking up Affeldt’s 2011 statistics — but it won’t get Romo appearances out of the bullpen.

The days of torture should be long over, yet Bochy and some members of the bullpen insist on bringing it back. That 8th inning weirdness from last season could be avoided if they bring in their best set up man, but for reasons unknown, he’s just waiting to get the sign to warm up.

Meanwhile, Giants fans are scratching their heads. “Where’s Romo? Why isn’t he pitching? Why can’t he face more than one batter?”

There are questions that can’t be answered. This one, however, can. Only, no one wants to answer it.


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