Former Giant Barry Bonds Donates Money To Pay For Stow Children’s College Education

By now, many, if not all, sports fans have heard the tragic beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow. His family is expected to proceed with a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Dodgers. As this news was released, word of Barry Bonds’ donation to Stow’s children’s education was also released.

From NBC Bay Area:

Stow family attorney Thomas Girardi said that former slugger Barry Bonds has donated to pay for their college education. He said the family has talked about turning other donations back to the fans if this suit is successful, but said the gift of a college of education is something they treasure and will keep.

Bryan is a single father. He has a son and a daughter who are both in grade school.

Bonds visited Stow on April 22, while he was still in a Southern California hospital.

Bonds is not the first player with ties to the Giants to donate to the Stow fund as starting pitcher Tim Lincecum has also donated his own money to the fund along with other players.


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