Post-game Recap: PANIC! At The Ballpark

Let’s start with the bullpen management. When in the world will Bochy learn that Javier Lopez should never pitch to right handed hitters?

/looks around

//notices that no one is saying anything

///defeated sigh

That doesn’t look too promising. What once was a strength of the big headded manager is now his downfall. A game that could have been won was lost by one run, mainly because of bad bullpen management. I hear the heads meeting the desks in the Bay Area. Pad those desks with a pillow or something, folks. You’re in for a season like this, it seems.

In rather down news, Brandon Belt left the game with an injury. It may be related to having been hit on the wrist with a pitch, but there has been no news as of yet. Commence panic? You bet!

All around, a rather forgettable game full of fail and injuries. Can this not be the norm, Giants? Okay, thanks, bye.


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