Post-game Recap: Blame the Junk Bond King

I’ll admit, I missed watching the first 2 1/2 innings live. When I did turn on the game, I was treated to Michael Milken in the booth with K&K, and a shot of Tommy Lasorda chatting it up with Larry Baer. Neither seemed like a good omen*.

*Just to clarify: I’m all for prostate cancer awareness (I’m not a heartless beast), but it would be nice if there were a less disreputable spokesman; and if it has to be Milken, let him do his bit quickly then move on.

In the top of the 4th, the Reds scored first in the game, confirming that featuring Milken and Lasorda could only mean bad things.

I have to say, watching the Giants held to four hits and no runs through 9 innings (with two of those hits coming from Tejada!) gets boring fast. And also infuriating. And sleepifying. And while the Giants were impotent at the plate at home in San Francisco, Pablo Sandoval was going 2 for 3 with a bases-loaded walk and a sacrifice fly in 5 plate appearances for the Grizzlies in Salt Lake City. I would have rather watched that.

Instead, I watched Madison Bumgarner get tagged with his 8th loss of the season, despite giving up just one run over 7 innings. Coming into the game, the Angry Hobo had the 4th worst run support in the league (at least, that’s what Mike Krukow tells me). I watched Eli Whiteside continue his defensive incompetence**, matched only by his offensive incompetence (he managed to lower his BA to .180 and his OPS to .550).

**A passed ball by Whiteside with the bases loaded resulted in a run scored in the 8th.

Guillermo Mota gave up a run in the top of the 9th, marking the 6th game out of his last 7 in which he’s given up one or more runs.

To sum it all up: Ick.


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