Post-game Recap: Hey, Look, The Giants Win!

The Reds got out to a 2-0 lead in the 4th inning, quickly making Giants fans feel like it was going to be one of those games. You know, the ones where you feel like instead of just being down by 2 runs, you’re really down by 70 or some high number up there.

Jonathan Sanchez was wild as always, not helping the case. He walked 5 and struck out 5 in 6 innings pitched. However, as it would turn out, those 2 runs would be the only runs he gives up for the night.

The Giants found their offense briefly, being able to cut the lead in half in the bottom of the 4th inning thanks to a Nate Schierholtz single and an Aubrey Huff (GASP!) double.

They tied the game up in the bottom of the 6th with a classic ground attack:

  1. A walk from Schierholtz.
  2. A line drive single from Huff advanced Schierholtz to 3B.
  3. A grounder to short resulting in a force out. Schierholtz scored on the play, Huff was out at 2B, and Cody Ross — the man who hit the grounder to short — was safe at 1B.

In the bottom of the 7th, the Giants looked as if they actually have a competent offense. Chris Stewart led off the inning with a walk. Pat Burrell (yes, he’s still found to exist) struck out, but Andres Torres followed that at-bat up with a double. Then, in a move that cannot really be explained, Miguel Tejada was walked intentionally to load the bases.

After a pitching change, Schierholtz hit a sacrifice fly to drive in Stewart from 3B. Huff followed that up with a base hit that scored Torres.

Javier Lopez, Sergio Romo, and Brian Wilson came in to pitch 2 scoreless innings to preserve the win for the Giants.


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