Giants Head To Arizona To Face Snakes

Only being 0.5 games up on the Arizona Diamondbacks, the San Francisco Giants hope to prove that they are no Indiana Jones when it comes to snakes.

That is, they ain’t afraid of no slithering creatures.

In their previous series, they suffered a major loss in Freddy Sanchez’s injury. The timetable for his return is still out in the open and he might have season ending surgery. This injury only adds to the unfortunate fact that many of their key players are landing on the disabled list.

There is one hope that is returning to the lineup: Pablo Sandoval has been activated off the disabled list! All hail the bat of the Kung Fu Panda rejoining the team and taking a spot in the lineup!

After the lack of offense this team has shown lately, having Sandoval’s bat back will prove to be a welcome change. If not that, at least his glove is back at third base. And that itself is a good thing.

The Giants still need to look for a solid infield option, considering that they have no backup first baseman and no legitimate infielders to take over the starting second baseman role. What their infield looks now can work temporarily, but it’s not strong enough to last until October.

In the meantime, while it’s only June, winning this series with a half injured roster against a team of contenders will prove to be a lot. Maybe this crazy band of duct taped misfits will prove that they don’t want their starting pitchers getting Cain’d ever again.

One can hope, at least.


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