Post-game Recap: Twilight Cain

Matt Cain got run support.

Matt Cain did not pitch a quality start.

If you add two and two together, you end up being in a dimension that is not at all like your own.

Yes, it was not fun at all to see that Cain gave up five runs. He got the win, but he gave up five runs. Ouch.

He also got six runs of support tonight. SIX, YOU GUYS. SIX. THAT IS NOT COMMON.

But he also gave up five runs. And got the win.

It’s like you’re torn between something good and something productive. How does it balance out? It’s a tough thing when it comes to Matt Cain.

After C:San Francisco Giants2011closerbrian_wilson_heart_attack_save.exe was executed, the Giants won by the final score of 6-5 and are now 1.5 games up in first place.

At least something good came out of that ridiculous game.


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