Battle Of The Disabled Lists

With all the injuries the Giants have suffered this season, they might as well be likened to the Oakland A’s — a team known for their absurd use of the disabled list.

This weekend, in the final three games of the yearly Bay Bridge series, the two teams hanging on by journeymen and bench players, the two rivals square off in what may be a shocker for the Bay.

And by “shocker,” it either means that the Giants will prove to have an offense or the A’s will actually win a game. It’s never too optimistic for Bay Area sports fans when it comes to baseball. Well, despite that whole winning-a-World-Series thing.

For the A’s, starters Dallas Braden, Brandon McCarthy, Brett Anderson, and Tyson Ross are all on the DL. As is second baseman Mark Ellis and zombie pitcher Rich Harden.

In the black and orange corner, infielders Brandon Belt, Freddy Sanchez, Mike Fontenot, and Mark DeRosa are all on the DL. Starter Barry Zito is also placed on the list of those who are disabled, along with Darren Ford and one Gerald Posey.

Who will be the victor? Who’s the best around? as the Double Stuf Racing League theme goes.

On the other hand, with all these injuries roaming around, it might just be best for these two teams to face each other in a DSRL battle. Nah? Moving on, then.

It will be a battle in the Bay, indeed. You have a starter here, and a position player there, and a zombie waiting to be released into the wilderness of Mount Davis.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the series just ends in a choreographed Thriller routine.

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