Aaron Rowand … Designated To Hit

In the series against the Oakland A’s, Bruce Bochy penciled in Aaron Rowand to be the designated hitter in the Giants’ lineup.


Nah, that can’t be right. .114 ISO, wOBA of .281? OBP of .291, SLG of .357, OPS of .648. You can’t have a guy in that role when he’s got stats like that.

Oh, wait.


This is true Giants baseball, everyone. Forget all of that torture, business. It’s all about facepalming whenever you see Bochy making a horrible lineup decision.

Rowand is a man who will swing at any and every slider that is low and away. That’s not hyperbole. You might as well just tell every opposing pitcher to throw a slider — or something that breaks similarly that they know how to pitch — low and away. Or, just throw it low and away. Rowand will swing at it.

This is not a batter you want to see in the lineup specifically to hit. When he’s the best option to DH a game? Cue the facepalms and head shakes.

Now where’s that DH rule white flag…


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