Post-game Recap: After Disasterous Game One, Giants Take Series

The Giants take two out of three against the Minnesota Twins today in a tight ballgame.

First of all, there’s the offense.

Both Aaron Rowand and Miguel Tejada went 2-for-3. This is confusing to me as it probably is to you. Not only that, but Tejada also drove in the first run of the game. Sure, it was on a ground out, but it was a productive out. After all, it got the run home.

The rest of the offense was as offensive as ever. It’s also not that great to see “7 LOB” next to Bill Hall’s name.

Then there’s the pitching. After a few rocky starts, Tim Lincecum was back to his normal, ol’ swing-and-a-miss self.

Seeing Lincecum strike out twelve today after starts where he struck out so little is a great change and definitely a sight for sore eyes. Hopefully, this means that he’s back to the same Timmy who is up on the mound scaring hitters.

However, Brian Wilson brought the torture again. That is, as it was described it on the post-game wrap, “You know he’s going to bring the torture, you just don’t know how.” He allowed a walk and a double to lead off the 9th, thus losing the shutout.

Then, with two out and a runner at second, Pablo Sandoval raced to third to tag out Michael Cuddyer for an unassisted putout. Luke Hughes, the final batter of the game, had reached at first. Had Sandoval not tagged Cuddyer out, the game would’ve gone on for another batter. But nope. It’s Super Panda to save the day!


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