Post-game Recap x2: Giants … Score More Runs!

Six more runs. Their run total for the day is at nineteen and the collected a total of thirty hits.

Can we keep this offense, Mom? Can we? Can we please? It’s so pretty and shiny. Promise to take care of it and make sure it’s okay! At least for one more game!

Please? Please?

The real story about the game is Barry Zito’s comeback from the disabled list.

Seven innings pitched, two earned runs, four hits, three strikeouts.

For a guy who has often been criticized for not being able to pitch well, he pitched remarkably tonight. After all the crazy, walk-laden stars Jonathan Sanchez has had lately, it’s a nice change.

Of course, there’s no certainty in seeing Zito pitch like this on a consistent basis, but you take what you can and hope he still pitches this well.

Or at least that the offense keeps on drinking whatever they’ve been drinking. Because of Zito doesn’t pitch well, at least the team doesn’t lose because scoring runs is good.


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