The Unicorn Flies Over Detroit

Okay, now, stay with me here. I know that title is a bit odd.

Last night, the Giants won a crazy game. Madison Bumgarner was Cained after Brian Wilson blew his second straight save. The offense picked him up (with lots of help from Jose Valverde), but Wilson promptly gave the Tigers yet another chance to win in the bottom of the 9th.

Never fear, for the defensive wizard that is Brandon Crawford mercifully turns an unassisted double play to end the game. Thus, all was good in W land.

Today, Barry Zito, a man who loves himself some unicorns, makes a start on short rest. Specifically, three days of rest.

Zito’s statistics against the Tigers look fairly decent. In fifteen starts against them, he has held opponents to a .233 batting average, struck out 68, walked 34, held batters to a .668 OPS, and has a 3.09 ERA. His lifetime numbers at Comerica Park are decent, as well. He has a 1.88 ERA in seven games started, holding opponents to a .217 batting average and a .577 OPS. He walked 12 and struck out 39 in those starts.

However, this is also only Zito’s fifth start on the season. His last outing went a lot better than most expected, but it is also only one start. His minor league rehab outings also showed that he pitched well, though it has to be taken into consideration that Zito has been in the major leagues for over a decade and High-A level batting is, well, High-A. And again, Zito is pitching on short rest.

So let’s find that unicorn to fly over Detroit with a magical fairy riding it and spreading wizardrous pitching powers upon Zeets.

Hey, anything for a good start.


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