Giants Take On Tigers With A Downpour Of Offense

Twas a gloomy day in Detroit.
The forecast was full of negativity.
Would the game get in? Would it not?
It would prove to be otherwise.
A game would be played.

The offense broke out,
A sight to be seen.
Five runs in the first?
Surely not true!
But it is,
The box score said.
The Giants had scored five.
But it would not be all.

The rain would delay,
The game in the 3rd.
Would the offense keep up?
Or would they falter?

Nearly three hours later,
It would continue.
A walk to load the bases.
Then Miguel Tejada.
With no outs,
Would a triple play be turned?
A home run!
Grand slam!
Miguel Tejada?

The Giants scored ten.
Barry Zito to pitch.
Back in after a delay?
No way.
But indeed, it’s true.
He pitched better after,
And twas a long delay.

Six innings hurled,
Not a run across the plate.
Effective was Barry Zito,
Today on this date.

Twas not all for the offense,
For they would score more.
Aubrey Huff versus a team,
One that he once played for.
He drove in two,
To add to the tally.

The total would be,
Far more than they need.
But that didn’t stop,
Till the total was fifteen.
It was very much enough,
To ensure a victory.

And a victory it was,
For the visiting team.
By the final score of one,
That reads 15-3.
Barry Zito with a win,
Guillermo Mota with the save,
And another win in the books,
For the defenders of the title.

Barry Zito enters Comerica Park, using Powder the Unicorn's magical powers to defeat a vicious animal. (Illustration by Mac.)


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