Padres Continue Padres-Like Attempt To Sweep The Giants

Another one of those games, huh?

The broken record continues to play the Giants’ season. The offense can’t score runs, the defense can be iffy, and the song goes on.

But today, Matt Cain wasn’t competely Super Matt Cain, much to the chagrin of Giants fans. All five runs were charged to Cain in this outing, so his namesake verb wasn’t put into play.

The offense, try as they might, didn’t cut it, either.

After a fantastic, sixteen pitch at-bat by Andres Torres that resulted in a walk, the inning ended with Torres out trying to advance home.

The thousands of palms met thousands of faces at AT&T Park tonight.

What makes this one of those games for the Giants is that it was against the Padres. After a season of losing to the Padres in a fashion that makes Giants fans drop their heads on their desks, you would think that it would be over and that the Giants would be able to defeat the Padres in their dastardly ways.

But of course, that would not be the case.

The series goes on for two more home games. Will there be another game like this? One hopes not, but with the Giants’ track record, you might as well get a sad trombone ready.


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