Jeter! Shadows! Jeter! Shadows! Jeter! Jeter! Jeter!

If one did not know better, someone listening to the ESPN broadcast of the SF Giants/NY Mets game would have assumed it was a horror film about evil shadows that were vanquished by the super heroics of Derek Jeter. Occasionally the announcers would actually refer to the game being played in front of them. But mostly they discussed shadows. And Jeter. But mostly Jeter. If you played a drinking game using either “shadows” or “Jeter”, odds are that you aren’t conscious right now.

For those of us who turned the volume waaaaaay down, we were treated to the triumphant return of Mike Fontenot from the DL (wonky groin). He picked up 3 hits and made a key defensive play.

Aubrey Huff sat out tonight, to get an extended rest before resuming play after the All-Star break. Apparently Bruce Bochy just noticed that Huff has not been hitting well.

2011 All-Star Matt Cain closed the first half of the season with a win for the Giants, going 6 innings and giving up 5H/3BB/4K/0ER.

Pablo Sandoval extended his hitting streak to 21 games, demonstrating that he did, indeed, earn his All-Star Game spot.* Of note, Sandoval has XBH in 14 out of the last 16 games. That man is Hitting. It.

*Panda is probably the most excited All-Star Game invitee ever. After blowing up Twitter in his excitement, he cornered equipment manager Mike Murphy to get his stars sewn on the back of his cap before today’s game (Murphy had told Panda he’d do it “tomorrow”).

Wilson came into the 9th inning with the score 4-1 (Affeldt gave up the Mets’ only run in the 8th inning). Bochy had originally wanted to give Wilson the day off, but rather than let Romo pitch to more than one batter (to end the 8th), Bochy brought Wilson in.

Here is my internal dialog for the inning: Wilson!? Oh no! The Giants have a 3 run lead – Wilson does not do his best work with such a large** lead. Ruben Tejada strikes out swinging. Wilson! Double to Willie Harris. Dagnabbit, Wilson. Swinging strikeout for Angel Pagan. Wilson! Justin Turner – ground rule double past Rowand, scoring a run. AARGH, WILSON! Carlos Beltran with a swinging strikeout. Whew. Wilson.

**For the Giants, “large” is relative. In this case, 3 runs is definitely a large lead.

The Giants go into the break in first place, ahead of Arizona by 3 games with a 52-40 record.

And the best part of the final out? No more ESPN announcers.


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