That Extra Special Veteran Glow

With the All-Star Break in progress, I find myself longing more and more for those tedious at-bats to watch*. I miss the games where every player’s batting average is slowly slipping through the Mendoza line*. But they’re the guys I root for, the ones in my team’s uniform, the ones with the extra special veteran glow.

Especially that Aubrey Huff’s .236 average. Can’t hit worth a darn, but he certainly makes up for it in charisma*. You can find it whenever he looks at that backup guy’s eyes. He brings something extra to the team. He’s a veteran and it’s not unusual for vets to bring a new level of understanding to the team.

Aaron Rowand. The man they should dub king of the extra special veteran glow*. No one gets that better than him. It’s a shame he couldn’t have been voted into the All-Star game on veteran savvy alone*. Those gamer catches, the gritty at-bats. And all for naught*! After all, his batting stance is the epitome of his persona, not to mention those face-first catches into the wall. My, what a player. I can’t wait to see his .347 SLG in the lineup again*.

You can’t find guys better than those on a team. And they’re just two examples of why the lineup is how it is. There’s a reason why they’re in the lineup in the first place*! They bring the extra special veteran glow to every game. You can’t win a ballgame without these guys*.

*Not really


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