Series Preview: Beer Batters vs. Giant Arms

What happens when you take one of the league’s best hitting teams and put them up against one of the league’s best pitching teams? This series, that’s what you get.

The Milwaukee Brewers (53-47) are coming in to AT&T Park at the end of a season-long 11 game road trip for a three game series against the San Francisco Giants (57-42). The Brewers took 2 out of 3 at Miller Park the last (and only other) time the teams played this season.

Of note, the Giants have decided to take advantage of yesterday’s off-day to skip Barry Zito’s turn in the rotation today, and keep him far, far away from the Brewers’ heavy bats, with the remainder of the starting rotation all pitching on normal rest.

Here’s what the pitching match-ups look like:

Friday: RHP Shaun Marcum (8-3, 3.39) v. RHP Matt Cain (8-5, 2.99)
Saturday: LHP Randy Wolf (6-7, 3.58) v. RHP Ryan Vogelsong (7-1, 2.02)
Sunday: RHP Yovani Gallardo (11-6, 3.96) v. LHP Madison Bumgarner (5-9, 3.72)

Offensively, the Brewers definitely swing a more potent bat than the Giants. On the season, the entire Giants team has 64 homeruns. On their own, Prince Fielder, Rickie Weeks, Ryan Braun and Corey Hart have combined for a total of 72. The Brewers altogether have 112. Gulp. Now I’m really glad that Zito is sitting this one out.

In good news for Giants fans, Pablo Sandoval should be back in the line-up for the series, after resting his sore right quad on Wednesday. Keep an eye out for Nate Schierholtz to get some starts. The Juggernate has been hot for his last 18 starts, hitting .368 with a .950 OPS.

Brewer Craig Counsell is in the middle of an 0-33 slump right now. . . Wait, what? Craig Counsell is still playing in the major leagues? I’m beginning to think that he exists just to pester the Giants. Look for him to pop into the series as an occasional PH or spot starter, allowing him to break out of his slump and pad his .162 batting average in spectacularly pesky fashion against the Giants.

And also, keep an eye out for that Prince Fielder guy. He’s pretty good.

Over/Under on lame “I wear my sunglasses at night” Corey Hart jokes for the series: 3.5


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