Let The Speculation Begin

Jon Heyman's report via Twitter.

The rumors are all abuzz now. So is the discussion about said rumors. Gary Brown for Carlos Beltran? Should the Giants give up Gary Brown?

Without a doubt, the Giants need to trade for a player who can actually provide some life to a regularly lackluster offense. The Mets have no choice and absolutely need to trade Beltran at the deadline. It would seem like the perfect fit, given both teams’ needs.

There’s a lot of “what ifs” in this rumored trade proposal.

And that’s the thing — it’s just a rumored trade proposal.

Of course the Mets would be interested in the Giants’ top prospects. Why wouldn’t they? They’re in the position to ask around and see what they would receive in return for a player of Beltran’s stature. They’re also in the position to make offers: Beltran for so-and-so top prospect. The Mets would probably receive that answer of uncontrollable laughter at least once before the deadline.

Is it worth giving up a top prospect in the long run for two months of Beltran?

There’s always that risk that a team carries with prospects. They may succeed and become the next Stephen Strasburg, they could flame out and follow the path Tim Alderson took.

There’s also that risk that the big name player you trade for ends up being a bust when he puts on your team’s uni. Just look at Matt Holliday when he played in Oakland.

Of course, these are all questions and risks that GMs are well aware of. Most fans who pay attention to the trade deadline are also aware of this.

In the long run, it doesn’t make sense that the Giants would give up a potential player to take over Rowand’s spot once his contract (finally) ends — one that actually has better upside than Rowand. And it makes less sense to give up said player for a rental.

A seemingly more reasonable trade would include cash + a PTBNL. Not necessarily a top prospect, but a mid-level one. Or even two PTBNLs.

Or they could just trade a PTBNL, Aubrey Huff (TAKE HIM, METS, TAKE HIM), and lots of cash. Although, that might be more on the selfish end of the bargain.

However this deal goes down — or doesn’t — there are seven more days of this to come. Bring on the antacids.


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