Giants Acquire Carlos Beltran for Zack (Not Zach) Wheeler

Carlos Beltran (Photo by Keith Allison/flickr)

In a deal that was rumored for weeks and caused massive freak outs all over the web, Carlos Beltran is coming to the Bay.

After being the front runners, then seemingly out of the race, to being front runners again, a deal went down this morning for the outfielder to play for the Giants.

The Giants dealt High-A pitching prospect Zack Wheeler in the trade. The Mets will be paying $4 million of Beltran’s remaining salary.

This season, Beltran is hitting .289/.391/.513 with 15 home runs and 66 RBI. His ISO is at an incredible .224 (!!!!!!!!!) and wOBA at a healthy .392.

As for Wheeler, one of the reported untouchable prospects, he seemed to be the least valuable one. The acronym TINSTAAPP (There Is No Such Thing As A Pitching Prospect) comes to mind.

Take the Tim Alderson-to-the-Pirates-for-Freddy Sanchez-deal. Alderson was one of the highly touted pitching prospects the Giants had at the time, and they dealt him for Sanchez. Sabean traded Alderson away regardless, and the deal ended up working in the Giants’ favor.

Zack Wheeler (Photo by SD Dirk/flickr)

From Kevin J. Cunningham at SF Dugout on Wheeler:

The kid has an amazing fastball, and a lot of potential. His slurvy slider, when it’s on, is a spectacular out pitch. But it’s not on consistently enough, and the changeup hasn’t progressed as much as I’ve hoped.

The expectations were that Wheeler would be at least in AA Richmond right now, but that is not the case. His BB/9 in San Jose right now is at 4.81, and his FIP at 3.75. Though not terrible, it’s likely not what the Giants expect from someone highly regarded in their farm system.

With Eric Surkamp ahead in the ranks and dealing in Double-A, it made Wheeler somewhat expendable. And again, TINSTAAPP. Who knows, Wheeler could go the way of Stephen Strasburg or he could end up being another Alderson. Wheeler’s major league ETA at 2013, there’s still a lot of time for things to change. While he may be a good prospect right now, it’s not set in stone.

It’s a solid deal for both teams, both getting what they need on each end of the trade.


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