UPDATE: Pat Burrell Reportedly Released, Brandon Belt Reportedly Sent Down, Giants Fans Facepalm

...what. (Chronicle Live CSN/twitter)

This has reportedly happened. It makes no sense, believe me.

So these are some possible reasons as to why this is what is going on with this:

  • Brandon Belt saved a cat belonging to Brian Sabean’s arch rival neighbor.
  • “Hometown discount” meant “hometown mid-season release guaranteed.”
  • Alex Hinshaw is blackmailing Sabean with pictures of Sabean on a carousel with puppies.
  • The new theory is that outfielders and middle infielders can win championships.
  • Hinshaw is a roster ninja.
  • They couldn’t remember how to accidentally DFA a player.
  • Aaron Rowand is Aaron Rowand.
  • Belt doesn’t have enough veteran grit.
  • Emmanuel Burriss is a clubhouse ninja.
  • Belt didn’t have enough experience to become a ninja.
And so, we await another week where Belt will be called up again, only to sit on the bench until the season ends. Of course.
UPDATE: CSN issued a false report. Pat Burrell is not being released and Brandon Belt was not sent down. We apologize for the misinformation, as CSN is normally a credible source of news.

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