Giants vs. Reds: Winners TBA

After a rocky start in Philly, the Giants came back to win the series. Tonight, they’re in Cincinnati for a three game series.

Tonight’s match up sees Ryan Vogelsong (8-1, 2.10) face former Fresno Grizzlies pitcher Dontrelle Willis (0-1, 3.71).

Saturday, young lefty Madison Bumgarner (6-9, 3.56) goes up against Mike Leake (8-6, 4.04).

Sunday is where you get to see TBA (?-?, ?.??) pitching. TBA goes up against Johnny Cueto (6-4, 1.88).

With Great American Ball Park being a hitter’s park, it would be expected of the Giants to score little runs as possible. However, with the acquisition of Carlos Beltran this past week, the expectation has gone from little runs to “maybe just enough to win games.”

In the last ten games for the Reds, they have gone 3-7 and are 50-55 (.476) on the season. This may be a time for the Giants to seize the opportunity to win the series, however, this is the Giants and the Reds’ lineup often has Joey Votto in it.

Man, I sure hope TBA doesn’t pitch badly.


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