Sad Trombone Time: Giants Lose 5th Straight Game

Tim Lincecum stepped on the mound with fans hoping that the team doesn’t go for a five game losing streak. After four terrible games for the Giants, the righty ace looked to be the solution to that problem.

Lincecum’s pitch count rose quickly, throwing 72 after four innings. This wasn’t a good thing with the over worked bullpen as of late.

The offense came alive in the bottom of the fourth. A one-out Jeff Keppinger single started things off, followed by a single by Carlos Beltran. The Giants got on the board via a Pablo Sandoval double. Unfortunately, that was all they would score after Aubrey Huff hit a very Huffian ground ball right back to the pitcher to kill the rally that could’ve been.

That lead would quickly disappear with a leadoff hit and Paul Goldschmidt’s first career home run.

However, Lincecum would recover and throw 1-2-3 sixth and seven innings. That seventh inning would be the last he would throw.

The small slivers of life the offense created following their one run scored, well, those went away quickly. You can blame Justin Upton’s catch for that.

By the time Upton hit the two-run home run in the top of the eighth, the hopes of the losing streak to come to an end was no more. Throw in another two runs in the top of the ninth and that was it.

So the losing streak continues. Two teams are now in first place in the NL West. Man, this isn’t much fun right now.


3 thoughts on “Sad Trombone Time: Giants Lose 5th Straight Game

  1. I’m afraid folks are underestimating this season’s version of the Diamondbacks. Their team is better than it looks on paper (much like last season’s World Champion San Francisco Giants), and if the Giants can’t figure out how to score some runs (FREE BELT), there’s going to be a real race for first in the division (or, sadly, maybe NOT a real race for first).

    • That does seem to be the case, it seems.

      And unfortunately, Bochy doesn’t seem to get the message that it is A-OK to play the rookie first baseman. I think if the Giants can manage to consistently put good lineups out there and the pitching continues to be themselves, the NL West is gonna be something to watch. Or not watch.

      • Of course, after I make this comment, the Giants rip off 8 runs against the Diamondbacks. With Orlando Cabrera hitting 5th. And no Belt. LOL @ me.

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