Giants Take Sole Possession Of First Place As Runs Magically Appear

With the chance of the Giants’ losing streak reaching six games, Ryan Vogelsong and the team set out to stop this chance. Again.

It looked promising this time, however, with the offense scoring four runs in the bottom of the third. Four runs on four straight singles, an error, and a force out. Off of Jason Marquis, who has been known to own the Giants from time to time. Or all the time. So this scoring runs off of Marquis is a new and nice thing.

Then, in the fifth inning, there were four more runs scored. Marquis departed before the final two runs were scored, but both were charged to him. But nothing like the attack of a Pablo Sandoval single, Carlos Beltran single, Orlando Cabrera (what?) double, Aubrey Huff (double WHAT?) single, and Cody Ross double doing the trick. And there it was — an 8-0 lead in the fifth and what a sight it was.

Vogelsong struggled with his command early and continued to have those problems. He walked three and hit two batters in 6+ innings, however, he managed to get through those jams. He struck out seven and only gave up one run. His final line would be 6+ IP/5 H/1 ER/3 BB/7 SO. He lowered his ERA to a nice and shiny 2.19.

And that would be the end of that despicable losing streak, with the Giants somehow managing to be at the top of the NL West once again.


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