Giants Lose Another One Run Game

The Giants played at [insert ballpark], where [insert name of Giants starter] pitched very well. Unfortunately, the Giants couldn’t create enough offense to score runs for [name of said pitcher] because [name of veteran(s)] were in the lineup preventing [name of prospect(s)/bench player(s)] who should be in the game. In the end, another one run deficit became insurmountable and they lost.

This appears to be a trend lately, doesn’t it? “Let us play Giants Offense Deficit Mad Libs!” There are two options here: one being the aforementioned one run loss Mad Lib and the other being the one where the Giants can’t do anything right Mad Lib. Today’s game is the former.

Matt Cain pitched 6 innings. The only rocky part of his outing is a 2-run first inning for the Marlins. The rest of his night went rather decently: 6 IP, 6 H, 2 R, 2ER, 2 BB, 4 SO.

However, there was this post-game note:

Giants offense, do you see what you’re doing to your poor starters here? They’re taking the blame when they don’t have any reason to be blamed. Now suit up and score enough runs for him next time. Please? Pretty please? You can get first place in the division if you do!


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