And The Wheels Jump Off: Giants Comeback Amidst Injury Plague, But Fall

Jonathan Sanchez was another target of the injury bug going around. He left in the third inning and was reported to have a left ankle sprain. The bullpen took over from there and pitched beautifully.

The offense, on the other hand. Let’s consider the fact that they were no-hit for 6+ innings. Any other day, that could be frustrating. But with Aubrey Huff, Miguel Tejada, and Orlando Cabrera all in the lineup, there was little hope at all that there would be runs scored. However, Cody Ross went and proved that wrong and hit a solo home run in the top of the 7th inning.

Of course, that wound up being the run that tied the game and the only run the Giants would score.

There was also the defense. You would think that the Giants would pretend to be Oprah and just keep handing the game to the Braves because of endless errors, but no, that wasn’t the case. Huff made an amazing running catch in left field, Brandon Belt threw Freddie Freeman out trying to extend a base hit, and a nice double play turned by Cabrera.

The game ended in 11, with Brooks Conrad scoring the winning run. You know that guy. The Brooks Conrad. Yep, that one.

Baseball. You gotta love it. And then things like these happen and you wanna take a bat to a Gatorade cooler. Then there’s a new game the next day.


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