Giants Fans Continue Daily Ritual Of Cap Tipping

Giants Offense Deficit Mad Libs

The Giants played at [insert ballpark], where [insert name of Giants starter] pitched very well. Unfortunately, the Giants couldn’t create enough offense to score runs for [name of said pitcher] because [name of veteran(s)] were in the lineup preventing [name of prospect(s)/bench player(s)] who should be in the game. In the end, another one run deficit became insurmountable and they lost.

Sound familiar?

Good. Because if you tweak a few things, that’s what happened tonight.

One mistake pitch to Chipper Jones ended up in a loss for Tim Lincecum.

The offense went 0-for-5 with runners in scoring position.

The offense drew a total of 1 walk.

Brandon Belt was on the bench.

I can keep going on about every terrible part of the game, but it’s summed up in 3 words: that game sucked.


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