Giants Face Another Team That They Are Expected To Beat

It felt that way when they faced the Astros this past weekend, didn’t it? A team down in the dumps in the NL Central, traveling into San Francisco to play a series against the reigning World Champs? What could possibly go wrong.

Well, as it seems, the reigning World Champs are no more than a team down in the dumps. A series split with the Astros — and a season series loss — can definitely show that.

There are few positives for the Giants these days. Eric Surkamp made his major league debut on Saturday to much hype and spectacle. He made it through unscathed, but sufficiently Cained. Sounds about right.

The offense is turning pop-ups into the new 4-3 ground out, which isn’t exactly the greatest sight to see. Hits with RISP is still foreign to them, while first pitch, out(s) made (FPOM) is all too common. With the Diamondbacks now ahead in the division by four games, FPOMs shouldn’t be the norm.

Sergio Romo and Andres Torres were activated from the disabled list, which is choral music to the ears of those sitting on the edge. Surkamp and Dan Runzler were optioned to make room. It is not too big a loss for the team as rosters expand on September 1st. The presence of Romo and Torres back on the active roster should make things look better on paper. At least.

The Giants will have to prove that they can beat a seemingly mediocre team this week, or they face falling further behind in the NL West race. And with their luck, well, they’re gonna need luck.


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