Giants Attempt To Not Get Bitten By Snakes

The Giants made massive moves to their roster this past week. Casualties. Not a lot, but it’s an impact.

Aaron Rowand: gone.
Miguel Tejada: gone.

Moves that the Giants should’ve made before have actually been made. It was like Giants baseball Christmas.

Despite that, they dropped their last series to the Cubs. They are six games back in the NL West.


This weekend, they face the Diamondbacks. Many also know them as the Giants’ worst enemy right now.

The Giants need to win the series in order to gain some ground. Should they lose, well, they continue the free fall.

At this point, it’s stating the obvious: “The Giants suck and they need to win in order to look like they can contend for a playoff spot.”

On the other hand, the Diamondbacks are the 2011 embodiment of the 2009 Rockies. Do you remember that team? Yeah, the one that doesn’t know the meaning of “losing.” Or rather, don’t remember that team. They can still give people nightmares.

In the final month of games ahead of them, the Giants look to face familiar NL West foes. Following this series, they only face the Diamondbacks once more and in Arizona.

If they want a shot at the NL West title, this is the series for them to prove that they can win.


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