Post-game Recap: Giants are Number 2

Tonight’s recap has been written by my 6- and 9 year old daughters, with explanations inserted where needed.

Tonight the Giants were very bad.*

*The Giants lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks tonight by a score of 7-2

They played like Number Two.**

**True, the Giants remain in second place behind the D’backs. But I think they meant the Giants played like poop.

But we like the Panda.*** And the pitcher with the girlish hair, even if he didn’t play for very long in tonight’s game.****

***Pablo Sandoval’s two sacrifice flies scored both of the Giants’ runs.

****Tim Lincecum had a rough outing, pitching only 5.0 innings, leaving with 9H/5ER/3BB/7K. But he did hit the 200K mark on the season, for the 4th consecutive year.

The Giants have to win tomorrow.*****

*****True. The Giants are 6 games behind the D’backs in the division, and need to build on the momentum of their last two wins to gain much-needed ground.


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