The Force Was Weak With The Giants

Carlos Beltran walks back to his spot in right field, in a fashion most Giants fans would walk today. (Photo by Mac)

This was not a game the Giants would like to remember.

Rather, this is one that they hope had never happened, especially against the Diamondbacks.

Ryan Vogelsong pitched a gem, going 7 and 1/3 innings while giving up 5 hits, 2 earned runs, 1 walk, and struck out 6.

It was everything one could ask for from a guy who people didn’t expect to be this good.

Except, there was the problem of the offense. The sole run came on a Cody Ross home run in the first inning. The rest of the offense only mustered up 2 hits and 1 walk. And despite a 16 pitch at-bat by Brandon Belt (SIXTEEN!!!), the talented rookie went hitless.

If the 1-0 lead had held up, the Force would have been strong with the struggling Giants.

There was a try, and boy, did they try. However, it wasn’t enough. Not, they did.

The 8th inning started off as a rocky inning, then leading to almost catastrophic in Giants scale. 4 runs given up? Insurmountable lead! There was no way they could have attempted to even try to get back in the game. And this is after they have their best hitters up.

This Wookiee gives a new meaning to "Fear the Beard." (Photo by Mac)

Of course, the phrase “best hitter(s)” is subjective. Pablo Sandoval, great hitter, not so much lately, though. Carlos Beltran, great hitter, not enough to save the team. Aubrey Huff? Let’s not even go there.

And so, going into the 9th inning and being down 4-1, there was little hope for a comeback. The crowd showed their unwavering support, but with a feeling the team couldn’t win it.

The atmosphere at the ballpark was mixed: there was the pessimism and negativity, there was the optimism and hope, there was the 6 foot something man in the Wookiee costume wandering the arcade.

That Wookiee might have been one of the few highlights in a game that may have solidified the end of a playoff hunt for the Giants. With their elimination number at 16, them being 7 games back, and the fact that the D-backs seem to refuse to lose, the future of the 2011 season just doesn’t look too bright.

Of course, that could have been said multiple times throughout the course of a season that just does not know when to stop rolling downhill.


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