Giants Head South To Face That Team. Again.

Eric Surkamp pitches against the Bakersfield Blaze. (Photo courtesy of Robee Aquino)

Having dropped two of three to the Diamondbacks, the Giants look to face their nemesis in San Diego. Certainly the Padres have never made things easy for the Giants.

For the Giants, two of their top starters and their best pitching prospect are the probable pitchers.

Eric Surkamp’s start on Tuesday is sure to be one of the things fans can look forward to.

With the Giants’ hunt for a playoff spot seemingly over, now is the time the callups and the rookies should play. And that means more Brandon Belt, more Brandon Crawford, a little of Surkamp here, and maybe even some Brett Pill there.

The Giants have nothing to lose at this point. While, yes, Pill is 27 years old and he has just repeated AAA, he can’t be any worse than Aubrey Huff these days. Even the most cynical fan can look at it from that angle.

For the past two seasons, the Padres have been the Giants’ antagonist. Despite having won the NL West title last season, it was a battle until the end. The Padres are an annoyingly persistent bunch. And even now, while their season has already been in the drain for a while, they still manage to be a killjoy for the Giants.

But with the Giants’ chances slowly slipping down that same drain, now is the best time to let the callups and the rookies prove their worth. If they’re gonna end up losing these games, might as well give these new guys some experience.


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