Final Rivalry Showdown Of The Season In The Bay

The Giants get ready to face their long-time foes the Dodgers this weekend. For a three game series, the Orange faces the Blue once more.

Now trailing 7.5 games back in the NL West, a series win against the Padres wasn’t enough to make up some ground in the standings.

For the Dodgers, this is a meaningless game in their season. Sure, it’s a rivalry game, but other than that, it doesn’t affect their rank in the standings.

For the Giants, it might be just as meaningless. Mathematically, they’re still in the hunt for a playoff berth. The way the team looks, however, doesn’t give you much hope.

Rookie Brett Pill has managed to prove that fans dig the long ball, hitting a home run in his first Major League at-bat. In his second game, he hit another home run. That’s one way to impress people. Maybe he’ll even hit another home run in this series.

The rest of the lineup should try to do their best when facing a rotation that includes Clayton Kershaw. The Giants’ pitching staff can hang in there, but without run support, it’s all moot.

When it goes down to the basics, the key for the Giants is to not suck. Sadly, that’s all there is to it.


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