Bill Neukom And Bow Tie Stepping Down

The Bow Tie reign is over. (shindoverse on Flickr)

In a complete shocker, Bill Neukom is no longer head dude ’round the Cove, so says Mark Purdy:

According to multiple baseball sources, Giants’ managing general partner and chief executive officer Bill Neukom will not return in that role for the 2012 season. The sources say that Neukom has been asked to step aside by the Executive Committee of the Giants’ ownership group. The action is believed to be the fallout from a series of disagreements with the committee during Neukom’s three-year stewardship of the team.

But that’s not all! Purdy continues with the following:

Neukom, it is said, believed that this was his money to spend as he saw fit — and he did so, to increase payroll and buy new technology for the baseball department, among other expenditures. Instead, the executive committee allegedly wanted the money to be put in a “rainy day fund” for use in leaner times. The committee also believed that Neukom needed the committee’s authorization before making such major financial decisions.

The jury is still out on how this will affect the Giants and their future. But right now, it looks quite grim.


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