Giants Aren’t In This Thing? Chil Ppl.

Photo by chrisstreeter on Flickr

So the Giants have been eliminated from both the NL West and the Wild Card races. Panic! Mass hysteria! The sky is falling!

Or so it seems. As former Giants prospect Zack Wheeler said, “Chill.”

The fact of the matter is that the Giants did their best to get to where they are: finishing second in the NL West. With the injury bug just wreaking havoc on the team, they’re lucky to hang in until the very end.

Finishing third in the Wild Card race is also a feat.

A team with no offense and no sense of health making it to the second to last series of the season is impressive. That it took them this long to be out of it is fantastic.

But tonight, the final series of the year takes place at AT&T Park. The Giants look to take on the Colorado Rockies as they wrap up another season.

On the mound is Ryan Vogelsong (12-7, 2.81). He will face righty Jhoulys Chacin (11-13, 3.66). Tuesday, Madison Bumgarner (12-13, 3.32) goes for the Giants and Alex White (2-3, 8.63) for the Rockies. The season finishes with Matt Cain (12-11, 2.88) on the mound versus Drew Pomeranz (1-1, 5.68).

Though these games are now meaningless, the Giants will try their best — as they have all season — to finish the season as reigning World Series Champions on a high note. There’s not much more you can ask from this team but that.

One thought on “Giants Aren’t In This Thing? Chil Ppl.

  1. Well said and as we say when we were old ” Mets ”
    fans………” Wait ’til next year ” ! Thanks Mac for the insights.

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