What’s There To Do With Aubrey Huff?

By now, everyone is aware that the Rally Thong clad first baseman did not live up to the expectations everyone had in his second year with the Giants.

After a terrible 2009, Aubrey Huff bounced back with a remarkable 2010, with an OPS of .891. Though that may not be the best OPS in the league, it’s certainly good by Giants standards.

2011 was not like that, however. His OPS was down to .676. He grounded out to second basemen across America — you might as well just give him the nickname “4-3.”

The unfortunate part about his 2011 season is that fans might have to endure watching the groundouts for more than one year.

According to Cot’s Baseball Contracts, Huff still has one year left on his contract, plus an option for 2013. If that doesn’t incite the fear of official scorekeepers at AT&T Park, what will? Maybe next year, he will have a new go-to out. A pop-up to the shortstop, perhaps?

It’s a frightening concept. Paying a man $10 million to routinely groundout? What is this nonsense?

It would be nice to trade the guy, but realistically, that’s just not gonna happen. Huff is 34-years-old. There is no team that will take the contract of an aging veteran who can’t field and can’t hit all that well.

Let’s face it: the man is going to be starting games throughout 2012. Whether it’s in the outfield or first base is to be determined by spring training. And a determining factor is the young Brandon Belt.

Who knows? Maybe Brian Sabean could actually do something like designate Huff for assignment, the way he unexpectedly did the same to Aaron Rowand and Miguel Tejada.

It’s a nice thought.


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