Alex Gonzalez Latest Potential Shortstop Courted By Giants

Ah, the wonders of the internet during the off-season. Gone are the days when no one knew about deals until they were done an we could all live in blissful ignorance of the potentially stupid moves the front office contemplated. The latest example? Multiple reports today that the Giants are in on Alex Gonzalez.

There is an upside to this potential deal.  He’s an extremely solid defender with a little pop who could platoon with Brandon Crawford, who has struggled seriously against left handed pitching.

That said, Gonzalez made $2.5M last year which, while really a pretty reasonable amount, could easily balloon with the insane way the middle infielder market has gone this Winter. He’s also close to 35 and posted just a 4.6% walk rate in 2011. For a one year deal, the Giants could probably do worse, but it certainly isn’t a move that would be any notable improvement. In fact, looking at the splits, it might also be better to let Mike Fontenot start against lefties, given that he has pretty reasonable left/right splits all things considered.

But hey, it’s all still rumors, obviously. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up and find that Sabes and Co. have pulled off some totally reasonable trade to snatch J.J. Hardy from the Orioles. I mean a girl can hope, right?


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