Eight Years For Lincecum?


Now, if you’re the average Giants fan who would love to see Tim Lincecum in black and orange for many years to come, seeing him sign a long term deal would be a great thing.

Photo by SD Dirk on Flickr.

Would it be worth signing him for eight years, however? Maybe, maybe not. Of course, it’s one of those things where you must look at it in hindsight following the contract being set in stone, but the Barry Zito and Aaron Rowand deals can leave one weary.

But don’t think about Zito and Rowand — they should be irrelevant in this situation. And this is Tim Lincecum. Two-time Cy Young winning Tim Lincecum. He can still put up great numbers and draw people to the ballpark. What more can a front office want?

Oh, right — a reasonable dollar amount on a contract. Because the front office is so focused on saving all that money “for a rainy day,” there’s no telling what kind of offer they’ll make to Lincecum.

Let’s face it, though. Lincecum’s going to get a large contract in the end. Whether or not the Giants decide they want to pay the money is the real question.

For a pitcher of Lincecum’s stature, eight years sounds ideal. $100m+ sounds about the right price range, too. And it’s something that can be justified spending because Lincecum’s been the iconic Giants player in the post-Barry Bonds world. Not to mention the fact that, well, Lincecum is a dominant pitcher whose change-up can get the best hitter in the world to strike out swinging.

Maybe all an agent needs to do is change Lincecum’s name to “Rainy Day” and get this deal done.


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