2011 Injuries From LOL To NOOOOOOO!

The 2011 Giants were plagued by injuries, as many fans know. These injuries range from the absurd, to the ludicrous, to the OHPLEASENODONOTLETTHISBEHAPPENING. Here, we rank the injuries from the LOL to the NOOOOOO.

Hamburger patties led to the injury of reliever Jeremy Affeldt.

LOL: Jeremy Affeldt’s hamburger injury

Let’s face it: the news of Affeldt’s injury was shocking. It was unexpected — a key reliever slicing his hand open in September? Can this not happen, please? Even better was the fact that this injury happened when he tried to slice frozen hamburger patties apart. And by “better,” that means “how about we just throw all ridiculousness possible into one injury.”

The injury raised a lot of questions, such as, “Who would even let a pitcher slice frozen hamburger patties?” or “What is a baseball player doing buying frozen hamburger patties in the first place?” These are questions that may not have any answers to — or at least, answers that the public will know.



The month of August marked a head-spinning hallmark for the Giants: almost every player dropped like a fly. Sergio Romo was placed on the disabled list with inflammation in his right elbow; Carlos Beltran, with a wrist injury, was also placed on the DL; Nate Schierholtz was out with an injured foot; Jeff Keppinger out with a wrist injury; Aaron Rowand out with a strained muscle; Jonathan Sanchez injured his ankle while pitching;  Eli Whitside out with a concussion; Andres Torres was also placed on the DL; and Brian Wilson was also DL-bound.

Funny thing is, a lot of these injuries happened in a three day timeframe.

Yeah, it was that ridiculous.

Barry Zito. Photo by Scott Ableman on Flickr

What is going on here?: Barry Zito and Jonathan Sanchez

The flip-flopping injuries of Zito and Sanchez were confusing. At times, it was head-scratching.

First, soon after the season began, Zito landed on the DL when he sprained his right foot. Ryan Vogelsong was called up and quickly impressed fans.

In mid-June, Sanchez was placed on the DL with left biceps tendinitis the day after he was quoted saying that he was healthy. Following this move, Zito was set to pitch a few days later and shocked fans by pitching better than normal.

The success was short-lived and Zito began to struggle once again. On August 1st, he was placed on the DL for aggravating his foot sprain. Who else was to come back but none other than Sanchez?

Sanchez’s return, however, was halted when he sprained his ankle while pitching. This occurred in the midst of WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN, fittingly enough. It effectively ended Sanchez’s season. And in this case, Zito did not return to the team because of an injury to his right ankle while rehabbing in AAA Fresno.

Talk about Murphy’s law right there.

Seriously, now?: Freddy Sanchez.

By now, Giants fans are aware that Sanchez can be a defensive wizard at times. In mid-June, however, Sanchez attempted a play that led to a dislocated shoulder.

This was bad news, because all the options on the bench to play second base were meh at best.

The loss of Sanchez was cemented in August when he underwent season-ending surgery.

Nothing good health-wise came out of the Giants’ August.

Photo by {photonista} Rachel Hamrick on Flickr

NOOOOOOO!: Buster Posey

At this point, the baseball world is aware of the tragic injury that befell young catcher Buster Posey.

Teenage girls shrieked while men wept. The shouts of “RULE CHANGE! RULE CHANGE!” filled the air. Some fans facepalmed at the debate and just wished Posey a speedy recovery.

It was a frightening time — would young Posey ever catch again? The thoughts that he wouldn’t were enough to make even a baby giraffe cry.

However, Posey recovered. He began to work toward catching again and chronicled some of his progress on his Facebook page.

Now that was something that would make a panda jolly.


The 2011 Giants: They were held together with popsicle sticks, craft glue, and duct tape.


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