Aubrey Huff Gets Into Shape. Or, Yes, This Is News.

Photo by Aunti Juli on Flickr

Hank Schulman blogged:

“I think I’m preparing a lot better this offseason as far as Pilates,” Huff said as he and his family were driving back to Arizona from a holiday vacation in his native Texas. “I’m feeling physically better this year. I know I’m making a lot of money to go out and get it done, and last year I didn’t do it. I took a lot of heat, and I should have.

“I’ve got to go to spring training and prove myself and basically win a job, because I’ve got two young kids breathing down my neck.”

If this gets Huff into the “We’re trying to win a ring around here!” mindset, then okay. The season hasn’t begun and there’s no way to judge if this is effective, of course, but man, it would be nice if he stops being an automatic out.

But hey, he’s in the best shape of his life!

Another note from the blog post is that the Giants criticized Huff on his conditioning:

… [T]he Giants called him out for poor conditioning. Though Huff believes his slump was more mental than physical, he said the Giants were right to criticize him.

At least the Giants are doing something.


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