If Sabean Starts Talking About Huff’s “Calm Eyes”, Can I Give Up?

The fine folks over at Giants Nirvana pointed out this unexpected treasure trove of Sabean-isms in a Boston.com article about the Red Sox off-season strategy and, well, I for one am just not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Brian Sabean

Brian Sabean dreams of veteranz. Photo by David Gallagher/Flickr

The whole thing is worth a read, but here’s a sample of two delightfully head-scratchy bits when read together.

“Everyone has a budget threshold,’’ Sabean said, “even the teams that traditionally have the highest payrolls. Somewhere within that roster, you need to have someone emerge. You have to believe in your player development, that you can find the needed piece from within.’’

And several inches down column…

“We’ll have to decide whether we’re better off with Belt at first or Aubrey Huff in left, or Angel Pagan in center or Melky [Cabrera] in right or Melky in left,’’ said general manager Brian Sabean. “But Belt did some good things this winter.’’

Have to believe in player development, but we’re damn sure not going to commit to giving Belt a legitimate chance to settle in and prove himself (and we’re also not going to mention Nate Schierholtz at all in the discussion of outfielders, though I’m willing to not worry about that considering it’s a small quote that was talking about Belt specifically and not really the outfield configuration).

As usual, Sabean’s logic is elusive at best. He seems to intellectually understand that a certain amount of a team’s lineup has to come from reasonably priced, home grown talent, but when it comes to put that into practice, he finds himself saying things like “it’s ultimately about human beings”, which I’m fairly certain is code for “if they’re not veteran-y enough for me, I reserve the right to cry for my blankie, and by blankie I mean an aging middle infielder with bad range and below league average OBP”.

But hey, it’s too early to start complaining when we got two new free agents in Buster Posey and Freddy Sanchez, right?


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